Ruby on Rails Tutorial – Introduction

Ruby on Rails Tutorial

Join me in a journey to understand how to program web applications using Ruby on Rails.

I will be taking the Ruby on Rails course : [Ruby on Rails Tutorial]( ) by Michael Hartl.

I will be using the Cloud 9 Web IDE environment using the Rails Tutorial template to complete the course. Get your account set up today at 

I will be posting links to my daily videos that I create using screencast-o-matic and upload to this blog and to youtube.

So get set up and join me each day as I post new videos as I progress through each part of the course.

I started this journey on 1/2/2017 and will be working on it every day until I complete it.  I will be doing a hour live video every day in the mornings from 6 am to 7 am and then rendering the video and making the vlog post here each morning by 9:30 am.

So get your pc set up and join me online every morning.  If you want to join me in person you can visit the Starbucks in Lakecity on Lakecity way

I committed to doing this as a way to maximize my new schedule at work at CenturyLink in Lakecity.  My schedule is 9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day. Monday - Friday and one saturday each month.

I want to re-energize my mind with a personal growth project that will open up opportunities in the future with CenturyLink as a web apps developer.

I am working on my personal journey to be technically proficient with web application programming so I can transfer my skills into teaching others how to learn how to program.

Are you interested in learning how to make web applications? Do you want to join the conversation and be able to post comments and questions in the discussion area of this blog post?  Please join the blog here